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Welcome to the Gemini!!

I’m back bitchezzzz!! Just in time for Gemini Season!!

My two favorite Geminis <3 Helena Bonham Carter & Johnny Depp represent us so well! Yes I said us Bc I am Gemini AF (Sun & Rising).

Gemini gets a bad rep in the zodiac. Some say two faced, I say multifaceted!

Life is definitely never boring with a Gemini around! Some say we don’t shut the F up :P

Gemini is the messenger of the zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is intellectual AF. Constantly exploring new subjects and curiosities of this life. They are the social butterfly that has many friends and many hobbies! Geminis love to share their knowledge and experiences with others. This is their love language!

Geminis are mutable and very easily bored. They are often on to the next exciting thing before the dust has settled. This is part of the reason for their bad reputation. Some say fickle, I say changeable! There’s a high road and a low road to every sign. High road Gemini is using their mind and mouth to share wisdom. Low road Gemini is a gossipy bitch :P

Don’t hate us just bc we are wild! We are not bipolar, we just have many personalities! Gemini needs freedom. So don’t try to tie them down or box them in. They will run! If you give your Gemini the space and freedom they need, they will always come back in between adventures. Get you a Gemini friend and you will never be bored again!

P.S. Mercury is retrograde in Gemini and meets up with the Sun today for a little extra funk! Let’s get weird babiieeesss!

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