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Learning- Earth School

To learn the Earth and Stars, oh what a feat that would be. And then to learn humanity, the perfect balance of the two. Oh what a wondrous experience. To learn, study, and grow while experiencing it first hand.

The amnesia is heavy here on planet Earth. We have mostly forgotten our Star origins. We have been programmed to believe this earth is all we are, just dust of the Earth, bacteria that grew and evolved. We have been fooled into believing we are not made of stardust, to forget that the light of the Sun flows within us. Oh how blind we’ve been. To believe we are not magic, we are not powerful and Love! We are pure Love! Walking around in skin and bone. We are truly miraculous! Stardust and Solar Light encased in earth, oh what beautiful creations!

This whole planet is an energy conduit and so are we!! We are little lights just walking around dimming ourselves! This whole worldly place is designed to dim our light, but the whole planet and cosmos naturally light us up! So we are taught to be ashamed of this shine, to hide it. It’s not normal or acceptable. We are taught the opposite! Everything to keep us dense and dim, afraid and ashamed of our power.

Being a part of a group, flying under the radar, not standing out. That always seemed the safest to me. It felt dangerous to be seen, to be different, to be powerful. For centuries, those that had the courage to stand out, to shine their light, to defy the odds and the rules; they were persecuted, murdered, drowned, burned at the stake. It is dangerous here for the light beings! Still today many are persecuted and ostracized from society for expressing beliefs that differ from the herd.

As scary as it is, I have to have hope, that maybe now is the time, here is the time. It’s time to honor our individual unique magic, to let our light shine freely. And to honor the differences in others. It’s time to see the light connection within us all. We all come from the same source. Imagine us all coming from the sunlight (just a metaphor) then the light splits off into many rays, many shades of the rainbow. That is us! All those beautiful rainbow rays! Our differences are what make us beautiful. Our light is what makes us One. We must return to balance within ourselves and our planet. It’s time to remember our place in the Cosmos. We are magical Star beings who came to Earth school! We got a big dose of amnesia before we got here, so we forgot our powers! It it’s time to remember! Remember and learn, allow the veils to fall from your eyes again and again. Allow your eyes to adjust and see! See more and more every day. Allow your senses to heighten. Tune in and turn on to your higher senses, your higher awareness. Grow babies grow!

Don’t let this dense earthly plane keep you down. It is time to rise and remember. Remember who you are, what you are and where you came from. Remember your mission and your power! Let your Light shine! The Earth needs it now more than ever! Have faith that the time is now and you are safe. You are free and you are safe to be different, to honor your uniqueness and celebrate it in others. Let go of those fears and that shame. Let it all go, the programming and the past persecutions. That was then, this is Now! And Now is where the magic is. Now is where the power lies.

You can do this! I believe in you! And I need you. We all do. Do it for the rainbows, the waterfalls, the dolphins and the butterflies. We all need you, 1,000% you! The whole Cosmos is cheering you on!

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