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Sagittarius Full Moon

“Nothing is absolute, nothing is black and white, set in stone. Just because something works for one does not mean it will work for another. You have to do your own thang bitch! Make your own way! Be free to fucking breaking the rules! Your best advice comes from your Higher Self!”

Sagittarius Full Moon Vibes

Hello big picture!

Hello philosophical thoughts on steroids!

Mercury just reentered Gemini. Our minds are definitely full today and maybe a bit dreamy / foggy with Neptune in Pisces squaring our Sun and Moon. This creates a mutable T- Square to accentuate this Full Moon.

Mars & Chiron in Aries add a Trine to the mix and this one packs a punch!

Grounding is the answer! Get you a big dose of Earth. Ground this intense energy into the body. Imagine a cord running deep into the Earth, anchored in it’s core and it’s connecting to your root chakra.

Let this big, philosophical Sag Moon illuminate where you’ve been stuck or slackin or playin in someone else’s game. Zoom out, see the bigger perspective. You are a creator! You are not the player in this game called life. Remember! Take your power back! Be the warrior that I know you are! Fight for Love! Fight with integrity and alignment with your Highest Self! Be in your power! Everything in your now moment is an opportunity for you to practice stepping into your power, waking up to creator abilities that you possess. There are no mistakes. Every tiny detail is perfectly designed uniquely for you to help you evolve. To learn and grow you in just the right way for your Soul’s blueprint.

We are all born with a unique cosmic blueprint, code, maze, birth chart. Call it what you will, these are just words. Karma, destiny, fate, life lesson, luck, intellect, emotion. I can see all of these things in your birth chart. And the Cosmos activate different parts of your chart on the reg! The planets cycle and so do we. It is pure magic the way we are made of stars and flow with the Cosmos even down here on Earth. After all the Earth is one with the Cosmos as are we.

I could go on and on and on forever and ever and I probably will eventually. Until my time is up and perhaps I’ll return to the oneness of Creation. Or perhaps I’ll begin again.


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