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New Moon Cancer conjunct Lilith p.s. Neptune Retrograde

Bleeding with the Mother

In the darkness, creation is born.

Well would you look at that, the earth screams for Her!

The womb has been on all our lips.

The womb is a sacred space, a portal to other worlds.

Can you taste the rage on the wind?

Reminder to rage from a place of empowerment. Laugh with that fire in your heart in the face of your aggressor!

You are Warrior let them hear you roar!

Don’t give your power away in reaction to another.

Stand firm, in peace and rage, that inner calm, and outer destruction. You are woman, this is in your bones, in your essence!

Don’t let them control you, manipulate, contort and distort you. You decide how, when, and what you rage and what you create.

New Moon in Cancer is conjunct Lilith.

The dark feminine is here and she’s not going anywhere.

Embrace that inner feminine warrior within you. The calm and the chaos. The mother and the protector. The creator and the destroyer.

We are divine, powerful, majestic creatures.

Our power, our essence, our sacred sensual energy feared for ages. That has not always been the way. There were times when the feminine was worshiped, honored, revered. Her soft, intuitive, maternal power was acknowledged for the majesty that it is.

Don’t worry the embers still burn within us all.

A great remembering is taking place.

Honor this time of darkness. Go within. See where your inner powerful feminine goddess has been suppressed and hidden. Set some mighty intentions with this Cancer New Moon. Intentions to never suppress your power again, to never sacrifice your truth for the appeasement of others, to never be silent to keep the peace again.

We are done hiding in the shadows, playing small, flying under the radar for safety and survival. We remember our power. We remember the power in numbers as we join in community.

Everything is right on schedule.

I Love You!

ps tonight it’s goin down!

Ritual magick time!

Manifesting ancestors,

Manifesting my highest self,

Manifesting authentic clear vision,

Letting go of illusions.

Neptune retrograde-

What stories have you been telling about yourself?

What stories have you been believing about yourself that are NOT true?

I have Neptune in my 7th house opposite my Moon & Mars

I often see others through rose colored glasses, putting them on pedestals and not seeing them for who they truly are. On the flip side I see myself through magnifying ugly lenses! Focusing on every flaw and everything the world is going to judge me for. Neptune brings fog! Confusion and illusion live in the land of Neptune.

With this Neptune retrograde, we can see through the illusion. Where have we been deceiving ourselves? What’s the reality of your situation? See yourself for who you truly are. Believe in yourself like you believe in those you love. Cheerlead for yourself the way you cheer so hard for others!

Give yourself all that love you wish so badly to give another <3

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