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What I cant stop thinking about? Love, oneness, everything, all one. So much war, pain, suffering. Everyone is divided, but I know it's all part of this beautiful orchestra of energy. It blows my mind. It's like I zoom all the way out, as far as I can go, a tiny speck in the infinite. How does it work?! Why? It's too infinite for my baby human to understand. Feel, now that's a different story. It feels like I'm floating in the water and soaring in the air all in one! The safety of Creation. The water that holds me in the weightless float. As I lay there on the beach, I felt a warmth, a stability, a comfort in my feet, roots running deep down into the Earth. I am safe to fly! Rainbows fill my mind, sparkling rays of light, the silhouette of a bird flying over, the magic of life all around me, within me. I feel it, I taste it, I smell it, I touch it, I see it, I hear it, unfathomable gratitude fills me. Seeing the Creator in the trees, the rats! In me :) In all things, even the crap, it's tough, the mud is necessary for the life to grow. I love you. It's all I know.

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