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Cancer Baby

Ooooh Baby I Love Your Way

I serenaded Her with these lyrics this sunrise, as I danced in her powerful rays.

In honor of Cancer season, I chose my favorite magical, mystical, dreamboat lover girl; the one, the only, Lana Del Rey!

Her lyrics hypnotize me. Her beauty draws me in, from the depths of her eyes to the life on her lips.

Cancer is the Moon Goddess maternal healer.

Cancer is the witch.

Cancer is the mother and the warrior.

Like the ocean, she may hold you in her embrace or destroy you in her power.

Cancer is sensitive and I know Her well. My Moon conjuncts Mars in Cancer, along with my Venus & Chiron. No wonder I’m madly in love with Lana!

At 29 degrees Gemini, I started to feel nauseous. And the feeling is still here. Those sensitive emotions can often present in the stomach, especially when Mars is involved. I’ve learned to flow with the emotions as I flow with the Moon’s cycles. After all Cancer is ruled by our dear Luna. As Luna flows through many cycles, so does our Cancer Goddess. She often gets the rep as moody or crazy. Perhaps she is both and infinitely more!

As Cancer season settles in, get comfortable in the emotions. Flow with the magic of the Moon .

We have a Cancer New Moon on the 28th. This would be a great time to set intentions that honor your emotional nature. So take this week to settle into the Cancer in you. See what is showing up. Find out what’s underneath that nervous stomach feeling. Don’t stuff it down! The emotions are coming out one way or another. You decide if it will be an unconscious eruption or a conscious channel.

I love you babiieeesss <3

Happy Cancer Season!!!

Get comfortable in the deep waters ~

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