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Aries Full Moon

Full Moon in Aries Realizations-

As I embrace my independence, I am more comfortable being in relationship. I know who I am and am confident in standing and speaking my truth. I am ready to be in relationships because I have courage. I no longer fear losing myself in the relationship. I no longer fear speaking up and out. I do not have to run and hide or retreat in fear and anxiety. I can boldly face whatever comes my way with courage and truth. You are strong enough to be soft. You are bold enough to be meek. I love you so much. Thank you for this break through. Thank you for such love and balance of beauty, harmony, independence and courage. I feel so abundantly blessed to have such a beautiful life path. I stand in awe with every breath. I feel your glory weaving golden strings. Oh what beauty is your grand tapestry. I must close my eyes and bow my head it's too magnificent to comprehend. Breathe in, breathe out. Sigh. Relief. Bliss. In Love and Peace. I find surrender in your presence. And in all things I find you again and again. It never gets old, never mundane, or expected. You're always marvelous, mystifying, magically, cosmically, simply You :) Infinite <<3 Unexplainable, ever powerful, awe struck wonder*** I feel you, deep within my belly. I know you deeper than I know anything of this world. This human experience feels so foreign as I connect with ancient essence. I breathe you in, anchoring infinity into now. Oh what power moves through me as I simply flow and let go. It's the opposite of trying! Oh what relief to just be :) Thank you Jesus! It was so easy all along! Oh silly humans, how we complicate things. I am ecstatic to experience the infinite through new eyes eternally! Oh what treasure have we, here in paradise. I love you!

Aries = relationship! (for me ;) Venus in 1st house)

As I embrace my Self! I am better able to do relationship! For me independence is key to relationship! Detached but connected? How to connect the puzzle pieces. Step into Aries energy! This is your key to relationships! You have to keep your Self! Don't lose yourself! Keep your independence! Don't sacrifice yourself for the relationship or the other. Independence, confidence, passion, fire, courage, boldness, assertion! Own your power!!!! This is a must! Balance Aries and Cancer!! Mars conjunct Moon in Cancer! Venus in Cancer in the 1st house! Balance of Water and Fire, nurturer and warrior! The maternal Viking queen! 4:44 on the clock!! ;) So strong! So independent! Yet so nurturing! So loving! A strong partner is essential! Confidence. Freedom. Trust! Truth! Strong sensitive woman!

****Today is the perfect example of this energy! Staying home caring for the pups bc they are sick, but also working and focusing on my passion and goals! Also knowing I need to give myself some independent time to work and get out and move my energy later tonight! Working with this energy! Honoring my fire! Cultivating her :)

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